'Azzun 'Atma, Habla

Nura R., Hanna P. (reporting)

Habla-'Azzun Atma CP

Habla - 06:50

People were already exiting the gate. We asked the MP when the gate
had opened but received no reply - the workmen told us that it was at
06:30 or 06:45. The normal procedure here consists of groups of five
entering, and then passing through to the MPs for an inspection of
their food-bags. Vehicles: the drivers are checked in the shack and
then the vehicles are checked. Vehicles with saplings passed through
too. By 07:20 the CP was empty. This is the first school day and a
busload of students arrived.

‘Azzun-Atma- 07:50

The gate opens at 07:45. We proceeded from Ornit along the fence to the
present-day gate. The soldiers checking at the gate were the same as
atHabla. As soon as we got there the commanding officer told us we
were not permitted to drive along the fence-road (this is the same
road that the Palestinians use!). Also, that if we wish to
watch-observe the CP, we should do so from Ornit. (impossible
distance!) The Palestinians are checked one by one by the soldiers,
then  they submit their ID number to the girl-MP, and she lists it in
her mobile phone (this in order to monitor their return through the
same gate). The gate is far from 'Azzun-Atma and from the fields and
the area of Ornit - where they work: "for security reasons" is the
excuse but of course is the means to worsen the situation and
discourage the Palestinians from tilling their fields. At times
wagons harnessed to two tractors give the workmen a lift on their way
up to Ornit. An officer was standing in the middle of the road and was
checking the workmen's bags. In one case he found a bathing suit and a
towel and sent the man back. At 08:20 the gate was closed.