Hebron, South Hebron Hills

Nili, Hagit (reporting); Translator: Charles K.

The roads we drive on are quiet, deserted, an intense silence, as if people had abandoned all joy.


Now the Giv’ati Tzabar brigade is stationed in Hebron.


Ever since the Hazon David synagogue was removed from where it stood below the Patriarchs Hill, a soldier has been stationed at the guard post dividing Kiryat Arba from Hebron.


Soldiers are working on the area around Beit Hameriva following the army’s expropriation of Palestinian land (cf. last week’s report).


A member of the Ja’abri family who runs the Hebron Dream Theater tells us that the soldiers are ok but the settlers’ children severely harass the Palestinian children and find many ways to bother them as they pass by.

They have no heart, he says.  He gave us his business card and said he’ll be happy to work with Israeli theater groups.






In ‘Abed’s shop opposite the Cave of the Patriarchs we speak on the phone to the young man who was beaten by settlers on Saturday…we can offer only words of encouragement…


We drove to the Jebel Gohar neighborhood to understand how the American tourists lost their way.  They apparently entered Hebron through Bani Na’im on the road through the illegal outpost of Giv’at Gal…Since then the army has made the “no entry” sign much more conspicuous.


The wall on the right borders the Kiryat Arba industrial zone.




We met with the Tammami family which lives in the neighborhood, and after the holiday we’ll also meet the man who hid those Orthodox students.


Hebron’s a really tough town!!!