Nora R., Hannah, Translating: Rachel BP

Falamya South - Agricultural gate

06:50 - Some tractors and a kerosene tank for operating the water pump arrived at the gate. The Palestinians told us that they have za'atar fields and vegetable hothouses where they cultivate and for which they need water. Since the gate is relatively far from the village (Gius) the tractor owners give people and packages a lift on the tractors' forks or on the towed carts.
The gate is to be opened at 07:00 but the people know that the army arrives from another machsom and there is always some delay. The gate opened at 07:20. First the men entered in groups of 5, for check up. They showed ID and entry certificates after which they go to register. During  vacation time children arrive as well and they show birth certificates and entry passes. After this procedure the people go back to the tractors and go through the gate.
Vehicles are being checked. A private car came and since the driver didn't have a certificate for the car he had to leave the car outside.
A big tractor carrying water pipes arrived but the army policewoman didn't let him in because he didn't have a certificate for the pipes. The driver tried to call the DCO but there was no answer. Nora tried to call the DCO officer but to no avail. When the driver realized that the gate is soon to be closed he left the pipes near the gate and crossed without them.