Etzion DCL

Shlomit S. Yael S. – reporting Translation: Naomi Gal

Occupation does not become more comfortable...


We arrived at DCL at half past ten.

There were not many cars. The reason is that they are not issuing magnetic cards because they run out of plastics ... not only in Etzion but in all DCLs.... Only under occupation can a bureaucratic system say something like that ... and when will there be enough plastics? In a week.

At DCL we met several people who were waiting for GSS. 
Slowly, more people arrived for GSS interrogation.

We met two who are “interrogation prevented” and were not allowed to pass at checkpoint 300. The officer at DCL said they should have let them pass, but in reality they were sent back. That way people are getting statuses from the computer that mainly enhances their uncertainty. Their permit is valid. Theoretically they can pass, practically – they might pass or they might be sent back. The solution: they got my phone number and when they won’t be able to pass they will wake me up (at four and five pm) so that maybe they will be able to pass before seven or will be detained for three hours ... who knows?

And for the record: the process of this prevention is so that when the prevented puts his finger in the biometric devise the system recognizes his fingerprint. On the computer’s screen it says: “interrogation prevented” and at the same time on another computer screen in a DCL somewhere appears a message that this person is at the checkpoint.  The soldier at the DCL has to press a button and then on the monitor at the checkpoint the prevention message would be canceled. Piece of genius? Probably not because it's not working. The fact is that in recent weeks I had at least 3 people who went through the ordeal, couldn’t get to work, were detained and were sent to DCL because someone did not press the button… because someone there forgot that we are dealing with human beings whose only wish is to make a living and provide for their families…because someone forgot that we are all Homo Sapiens...


Once again GSS prevented were sent to Sylvia.


There were no major dramas – occupation like occupation enters the lives of all Palestinians sometime somehow and disrupts their plans...

Yet there was one that after twenty years of prevention and spending of tens thousands shekels received help from one of the women of MW, and his prevention was removed. He applauded, praised and extolled us and called us the only hope of the Palestinian people....