Tamar Fleishman; Translator: Charles K.

There’s no Yad Lebanim in the refugee camp.


In the refugee camp there’s a memorial project.  There’s a memorial wall.



Five murdered by the IDF will be commemorated with portraits on the long white wall.


The first two have already been placed.  The face of the next one is already visible in the pale area on the right.


The others will also appear, one after the other, on the white wall.


I know Ali Khalifa.  Of the first two, he’s the one on the right.  “Know” in the present tense.  Death doesn’t erase the fact I know him.  Death strengthens my knowledge, death obligates the living.


Ali was shot in the back by soldiers from the Kfir unit at dawn of the first day of Ramadan four years ago.


“The IDF is looking into it” was the army’s response.


The IDF is still looking into this murder and those which preceded it and those which followed.


The IDF is looking into it/looked into it/will look into it



What the children taught me:


-          How much is it?  I asked children offering slips of paper printed with Koran verses

-          How much will you give me?

-          How much do you want?

-          It’s not for sale, it’s from the Prophet.  We offer it, and whoever wants it gives whatever they wish.