Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked, Ya'bed-Dotan

Rochale Chayut (photography), Noah Lavid (reporting)


0730 – 0810 Tura- Shaked checkpoint

There is disorder today. By the turnstile on the West Bank side there are about 30 angry men and women. They come out of the checkpoint at a slow pace, reporting that this morning (like almost any other day) the checkpoint opened late. The soldiers on site (apparently new here) let in one person every 15 minutes, and in the meantime they talk on their cellphones. They inspect papers at an annoyingly slow pace. Somebody says :"The Arabs are shit, not human," and other ask: "Why don't they let everyone inside and inspect them quickly and then have coffee and play with their phones as much as they wish?" Apparently that the soldiers overheard what was being said and things has started to move faster.


We spoke with a Palestinian taxi driver whose car displays a Hebrew "new driver" sign (mandatory in Hebrew in Israel and in Arabic in Palestine). Together with him we followed the news as to the conditions of those wounded in the attack at Duma. Within 40 minutes all had gone through. Whoever comes at this hour, goes through fast. But those who came at 06:30 hoping to go through before 07:00 (the official opening time) had to wait for more than an hour.


One person asks for our assistance in renewing his brother's passage permit. His problem is not clear to us. We suggested that he tries the Salem DCO, and gave him a telephone number.

We continued driving straight to the Dotan-Ya'abed checkpoint  - not manned and traffic streams along. There is one soldier at the top of the watchtower.


Back to Barta'a-Rihan checkpoint. It is after 09:00 and there is lively traffic of pedestrians and vehicles in both directions The car park is full but there are no lines. Inside the terminal one window is open and passage is swift.

We left around 09:30 at the parking lot we met Marie and Amjad who sent regards to all.