Hebron, South Hebron Hills

Hagit Back; Translator: Charles K.



School started today in the Palestinian Authority.  We should time our shifts for when the children go through the checkpoints early in the morning, or at 10:45 when they return home.


In general, things are calm and quiet.  Here’s what I saw today…


The Giv’ati unit has returned to Hebron – Tzabar battalion… the purple berets and the Border Police man the checkpoints.


A police car drove by and asked me not to enter the location where the Hazon David synagogue once stood.  They drive by repeatedly to ensure it’s not being rebuilt – on the other side of the junction there’s an attempt to erect the synagogue.  The policemen told me the Palestinians may now cultivate the land…but they can’t promise that the settlers won’t interfere.



Here’s the renovated Pharmacy checkpoint.  They’ve separated those leaving from those entering and installed two revolving gatesinfo-icon, made the fences higher and erected a guard tower between the two crossing points.  People coming through said it’s much easier now and they’re almost never detained.  In my opinion, a checkpoint’s still a checkpoint.



At the checkpoint beyond Beit Hameriva a number of Palestinian vehicles are being allowed through, the lower checkpoint isn’t manned, a Palestinian stops his car, yells to the soldier on the roof of the building, tells him the license number and the soldier checks his list and lets him through (The Palestinians asked that I not photograph).


Along Highway 60, the localities that had been “present absentees” without road signs identifying them maintained their existence and have reappeared – Abda, Deir Razah and Dahariyya… But not Karameh.



On the morning of 22.10.12, on our shift in Hebron, we found a confused family, a car that had been set on fire and this scrawl:



Today we visited the Sindous family to show our support and apologize again…Ettinger has been placed in administrative detention, but his colleagues, who set fire to a home and its occupants in the village of Duma still haven’t been caught.


The lives of the members of the Dawwasha family would have been saved had the authorities acted then…