Hanna Barag; Translation: Miriam K.

I arrived at the Checkpoint at 04.45. Five posts were open. The queue ran until behind the shed, but only five minutes were required for the crossing. Apparently there are fewer Palestinians in a hurry to get to work. No calls were heard in the loudspeaker – a change for the better from the past.


Women who came early had to be pushed into the cages, but as far as I could see, I got the impression that the men enabled them to  form a certain space.


At 05.40 our familiar policeman appeared. His shift began by rolling up a cigarette, drinking coffee – the warrior`s rest! At 06.10 the officer from the DCO appeared. He entered the aquarium for a morning conversation with the  girl soldier. Today he opened the gate twice. The second time he opened, a woman came running and wanted to cross in time. The officer closed the gate just in front of her. I immediately complained to those in charge hoping that the officer would at least get a remark. 


What cheek! But why should we wonder – "they" are not human beings – that`s how it is!!!


The cages: I have seen them for years and can`t get used to these terrible scenes. Like cows to be milked. What a terrible humiliation. Behind the turnstile, on the Israeli side, a man walked around, dressed in  conspicuous orange clothing,

moving from one place to another. He seemed to be a friend of all the "forces". I couldn`t find out who he was and what was his function, but his dominant walk and the color of his clothing made an impression.


I left at 07.00