Hebron, South Hebron Hills

Raya (reporting), Orit, Efrat (guests); Translator: Charles K.

Sparse traffic on Highway 60 except for people selling the tasty figs and perfect grapes by the roadside, and military vehicles.



At ‘Abed’s shop opposite the Cave of the Patriarchs is a group of young people hearing from a local guide about how complicated life is here.  I joined the conversation and we spoke about the extremists who do horrible things and determine the rules of the game which make it hard for most people.


Someone suggested that if businessmen from both sides were to sit and talk, they’d quickly reach an agreement…


Decorations are being installed at the Cave of the Patriarchs for a wedding to be held in the evening and many people and vehicles are there as part of the event, but otherwise the area is deserted and depressing.


We met Abu Nimr, the vegetable merchant, transporting his merchandise with a donkey cart to a grocery near ‘Azzam’s checkpoint.  He invited us to his home in Area A for tea but we had to refuse  and put him off until next week.


We climbed up to Abraham’s Spring on the way to Tel Rumeida.  The water is cool and refreshing despite the extreme heat.


A resident of one of the Palestinian homes next to the spring complained she’s forced to walk home with all her baskets and purchases, and it’s impossible to reach her home in any kind of vehicle…  The route up to her home is steep and difficult.  How depressing, annoying and sad.


The routine inspections continue at the other checkpoints in town, making life difficult.


It’s inhuman in 2015 to live in such unreasonable conditions.