Roni H., Tamar F.; Translation: Judith Green
Men and women suffering from cancer, after radiation treatments, collapsed onto what is left of the metal benches at the exit of the checkpoint.
40 patients from all over the West Bank arrived in the morning in two minibuses, crossed the checkpoint and continued by public transportation to the Augusta Victoria Hospital, the only Palestinian hospital that provided such treatments to patients from the West Bank.  When they are weak, both from their illness and from the treatments which have strong side affects, they return in the evening to the checkpoint, wait until the whole group has gathered, get on the minibuses which are provided by the Palestinian Authority and which take them only to Nablus.  From there, each one of them continues on their own to there homes, wherever that might be.
Every day, day after day, usually about 30 days of the prescribed treatment.
A "hunting car" of the Border Guard brought a young girl to the checkpoint who was caught somewhere in Jerusalem.
One of the hunters accompanied the girl to the entrance of the checkpoint and then drove her out shamefacedly. When he saw me photographing, shouted: "If you take my picture, I'll break your camerainfo-icon!".
"No, you won't".