Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked, Ya'bed-Dotan

Leah R. (driving), Roni S. (reporting). Translation: Bracha B.A.


05:45 – Barta'a Reihan Checkpoint


A lot of workers are waiting for rides, and since there is nowhere to sit and no shade, most are sitting on the curb.  We meet the seamstresses who are also waiting for their rides.  We are told that today crossing went quickly, without any delays.

Private cars are currently being checked in the vehicle inspection facility. There are at least 15 trucks in the parking area, loaded with produce, waiting to be checked and to cross to the seamline zone. 


06:05– A steady stream of people begins to emerge from the terminal.  People report that crossing today is going quickly and there are no problems.  There are many boys, 16-year-old and up, on school vacation who have received permits to work in the seamline zone.


At 06:20 we drive towards Yaabed – Dotan checkpoint and stop in Emricha to give people bags of used clothing and toys that a friend had given us.  At 06:30 there is no one outside except for a few chickens. Even the dogs are still asleep. We left the bags of clothing and toys next to one of the houses. 


On our way to A'anin Checkpoint we passed Reihan – Barta'a Checkpoint again and saw that there were still a lot of workers waiting for rides.


06:50 – A'anin Checkpoint

The gate is open and at least 10 people who are waiting outside report that the gate was opened on time, but some people are not allowed to cross because they have no permits or their permits have expired.  Five tractors cross one after another and pick up some of the people who are waiting.   We go out of our way to bring an elderly man from Tura – Shaked to Um Al Fahem and then return


07:20 – Tura Shaked

The checkpoint opened late and only the second person has crossed through when we arrive.  A horse and wagon carrying an elderly couple cross the checkpoint through the vehicle crossing towards the seamline zone.  Vehicles are waiting for passengers on the seamline zone side.  There are a lot of people crossing.  One person reports that the checkpoint is "good" today.  Two farmers carrying pruning shears cross to their fields, which are located in the seamline zone, to harvest tobacco. The harvest is nearly over and they are satisfied with the yield this year. 

We left at 07:40.