Nura R, Hana P. (reporting), Maya BH (translation)

06:15.  Nobody at the gate.  A while later an old Palestinian arrived with his donkey and cart, and said the gate opens at 07:00.  He is from Jayyus, whereas his lands are near Tzufin. It takes him two hours to get  to those lands from this gate, and only 15 minutes from the Jayyus gate.  But that gate is only open during the harvest.  We felt bad for the old guy.


Another Palestinian arrived with a pesticide spray tank, with which he services the landowners.
A teacher on his summer break stopped to talk to us in good English. He uses the summer to till his land.

07:30  The gate is still closed, and 10 tracotrs are waiting. We called the DCO, and the excited officer told us that 150 people (who counted them?) have tried to pass illegally, and the soldiers were busy catching them.  About a half were caught.

07:35 The gate opened.  The people who were passing, mostly from Jayyus, complained about the delay.
The MP told the vehicle drivers to go last.  People entered in threes.  First their papers are checked, then another check in the shed. Then they return to their tractors, and go through.