Hebron, Susiya

Leah Shakdiel, Michal Tzadik (reporting); Translation: Tal H.

We went to Susya, simply to be with them.

Nasser was happy about all the support, and tells us that for the time being, only the Border Police hang around there. In the big tent is a large group of the Ecumenical Accompaniers who are there all the time. They rotate. Erella of the Villages Group arrived as well. We also with Azam and Nasser’s father.

A new playground for the children has been built again.

They are actually living in anticipation and uncertainty, for the demolition threat exists, without a specific date. They have only been warned that it will take place in the next two weeks. That is why constant presence is so important there for anyone supporting their struggle. We asked to be notified for we could show up within the half hour, if the demolition forces do arrive.



The only structure that had stood in Mitzpe Avichai outpost has been demolished again.  Chazon David ‘synagogue’ shows constant signs of life. Among the rags that were once a tent, a table and some prayer books “are holding on”.

At the entrance to the burial site of Baruch Goldstein, Gush Etzyon settlement bloc’s summer camp children of various age groups disembark from two buses. 3 army vehicles, an ambulance, settler Ofer Ohana and his gang secure the children who are led on foot to the House of Contention and from there to the Cave of the Fathers and from there… What a “fun” summer camp. We see no special detentions at the city’s checkpoints, and if there are, they are soon released.

The entrance to the wholesale market has been blocked by a new fence. On second sight, these are two mini-football goal posts. What can one say more about the settler children’s happy childrehood?

At Tarpat Checkpoint there are so many concrete blocks of every possible type and watchtowers as well as signs informing of the existence of a special “humanitarian” crossing for wheelchairs and prams. Besides, Hebron is as always Hebron.

We returned via road 317.

At Zif Junction we met T. and his daughter R. The efforts to have her accepted to study for her doctorate in mathematics at Ben Gurion University persist. Hopefully nothing will stand in the way.