Hebron, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills, Susiya

Yael Z, Judy; Translator: Chana Stein
9:20 Meitar crossing – empty of workers.  The owner of the coffee stall greeted us warmly.  Only a few stalls remain and they are open in the afternoon to sell vegetables and fruit to the returning workers who received their pay for a day’s work.  At the entrance to the crossing shed, a Palestinian worker had collapsed on the ground.  Gilad, the commander of the crossing, and his staff took care of him and called for an ambulance.
Road 60 was empty of traffic.  The intense heat kept everyone who could at home.
At the Shama outpost, there is ongoing construction on a beautiful stone structure that could be a public building, perhaps part of a new neighborhood.  
The vegetation between the road and the Avichai hilltop settlement at the entrance to Kiryat Arba was black from burning. The hut on top was no longer seen.  An army officer posted at the entrance to Hebron let us entered without any questions.
Hebron was also empty and quiet.  At Abed’s store, we saw children with buckets walking in the direction of the Cave of the Patriarchs crossing to receive food from the UN ( see picture).  Abed told us that twice a week (Mondays and Thursdays), they receive meat.  On five days, only soup is distributed.  Women were returning from the same place with bags full of food for meals.  
At Hadassah House, a boy about 12 years old suddenly appeared in camouflage clothes carrying a Galil rifle the size of a real rifle, it only looked to light to be a real rifle (see picture).  This is the type of camp trains the local children from a young age how to behave like heroic soldiers.
 On our return, we stopped at Susiya to show our support of the villagers.  The rocks were covered with inscriptions and many Palestinian flags were waving listlessly, remembering the many gatherings that were here in the previous weeks.  We didn’t see a soul; the dogs also did not bark at us.  The visitors’ tent was empty.  We refrained from disturbing anyone and returned home.