Hebron, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills

Yael A., Tsipi (reporting), M., Driver and interpreter
11th day of Ramadan
We left at 10 a.m on Sunday, 11 days into Ramadan and too many years of the occupation.
 We passed the checkpoint of Yattir-Sansana and noted that the Ramadan fast did not decrease the number of workers passing through to work in Israel.  The parking lots were full.
We turned in the direction of Ramadin-Dahariya.  On both sides of the narrow road on the sparsely vegetated hills were scattered  huts of shepherds - mostly herds of goats .A few kilometers later there was a heavily populated area of Palestinian villages We passed Al Burg', Deir al Assa, Bet Harosha, Al Mag'd and Bet Awya overlooked by Negohot Aleph on one side and a pillbox and checkpoint on the other.  Later, on a higher hill, was Negohot Bet.,  These two settlements and the checkpoints are situated in the midst of heavily populated Palestinian communities, where only one narrow road connects them all to the main Road 60.
A military truck passes, marked "Knights of the South." Indeed, Israel has now for years been on a "Crusade" to conquer the "Holy Land."
At "Hazon David", the tent has been removed but a few chairs are left.  It seems that in spite of orders, events are still held here, in the open.
Shuhada Street:  As usual, deserted.It is said that in honour of Ramadan shops will be allowed to open.  Empty words!  After all, the area has been closed for years and there is no passage for Palestinians.  For ages the shops have been empty and broken down. No merchandise and no potential buyers.
"Hassam Shoter"  is now run by Border Police.
On the way back to Beer Sheva, we saw that at Sham'a there is equipment next to the road, apparently for building a student village.