Virginia S., Ina P.(reporting); Translator: Ayala S.

Arriving at 5am we found that the vehicle passageway was closed at both ends and many people were walking through it in a northerly direction (toward Ramalla). We parked at the "Israeli" (southern) side and joined the pedestrian flow: women and men of all ages, youths and kids as well – on their way back either to er-Ram or to Qalandiya, on el-Kadr night, having spent it near (or in) el Aqsa Mosque.

The pedestrian passage was nearly empty. The few who had passed through the pens headed directly to the lines in front of the checking posts. At 6am we crossed through quickly on our way to the car. People continued to arrive in buses, greeting us on our way in the opposite direction. It was a moving experience to see the pleased crowd returning from religious festivities. Difficult to imagine what the CP looked like with a similar crowd crossing through in the opposite direction and awaiting inspection. We should have a MW group on evening duty next year to observe el-Kadr eve.