Rachel A., Nina S. (reporting), Maya BH (translation)




Izbet Salman and Hable CP

Routines of the occupation -- the soldiers open the gatesinfo-icon almost on time, the Palestinians are checked and pass, asking "When will it all end?". "We don't know.  What do YOU think?".  "It MUST end.  Even the Berlin Wall fell".  Amen.

12:50  Izbet Salman.  We took a roundabout way to see if we encounter any "illegal" workers.  We did not.  The CP was already open (supposedly since 12:45), and apparently all had passed.  It closed at 13:00.
13:25-14:00  Habla CP. Opened a couple of minutes later; was supposed to open at 13:15.  Many people are waiting on both sides;  an argument ensues among some, and quiets down when a soldier woman scolds them.  Passage was very very slow, stopped with no explanation for 10 minutes, then resumed. Towards the end people were noted manually.  They are practiced in passing 5 at a time, with one holding the documents of all.  This "training" is, of course, "for their own good".
A detainee is forbidden from talking to us and is sent to sit in the shade because of inaccuracies in his entry and exit data.  He will probably be sent home.  We hope his license won't be taken.