Russian Compound, Jerusalem - Remand Extension, Barred (from meeting with attorney)

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Roni Hammermann, Hagit Shlonsky (reporting)

Translation: Marganit W.


Judge: Shalom Dahan

Police Investigator: Afif

An interpreter and a typist are also present.

Defense: Atty. Tareq Bargout, Aka Louai


At the entrance to the detention center we are given tags saying “Visitors”.

In the docket we received (just to look at) there were five cases. This is rather surprising. We could never figure out why some are brought to Ofer and others to the Russian Compound, and who decides where the remand extension would be heard.


Three of the detaineesinfo-icon are barred from seeing an attorney. Apart from name and ID number, there is one detail that sets off an alarm bell in my head: the three “barred” detainees came from Hebron Station, possibly during the last ten days, when the IDF and the SHABAC [GSS] had been conducting extensive house to house searches in Hebron and its surroundings, invading every hut and hovel, even drawing water from wells, in their attempt to find the three abducted boys. The media reported that two, perhaps three hundred Palestinians had been arrested during those raids. Presumably those three “barred” detainees are at the first stage of the investigation and have not yet confessed. Until they do, they can’t see an attorney. This is only my guess; perhaps we’ll see them in court in the next weeks, when they can see an attorney.


This is what we know about them:


Mahmoud Fuad Nofal Adwin – ID 850865304

Yusuf Mahmoud Taha Awda – ID 91558474

Abed Alkarim Sadi Ahmad Qawasme – ID 921511833


The two detainees whose hearing we were allowed to attend came from Binyamin Police Station.


Diab Mustafa Diab Nasser – 853090389

The hearing was swift and ended as soon as it began. We were ushered in with the two attorneys, about 5 minutes after the judge had entered. The detainee was already in court, without handcuffs and blindfold. I did not hear any exchange between Atty. Bargout and Investigator Afif, but a few minutes later the judge announced his decision. He accepted the plea bargain between the sides and ordered a 4 days remand extension, stressing that this is the eighth (!) extension of Diab Nasser. The handcuffs and the blindfold were back on and the detainee was taken out.


Ibrahim Mahmoud Abu Almajid Abed Almajid – ID 923548051

Before the detainee was brought in, Atty. Louai agreed with the investigator, who had informed the judge about an agreement of an 8-day remand extension, to complete the investigation. Ibrahim Almajid was brought in handcuffed and blindfolded. Those were removed. He told the judge he was 48 years old and had 3 children. The judge explained the 8-day extension and asked him if he understood the terms, slowly annunciating, “Do you agree to be interrogated for another 8 days before the case is transferred to the prosecution to decide on an indictment?.” This was strange and baffling behavior on the judge’s part. Since when is the detainee’s agreement needed for detention and interrogation? It must have been for our benefit – i.e., the “visitors”. As soon as his words were translated, the judge dictated to the typist: “Having examined the confidential file, I agree to the plea bargain etc. etc….”