Falamiya, Habla

Rachel A., Nina S. (Reporting)


An oppressive heat spreads over everything in this quiet pastoral corner of the routine occupation, and the constant question of the Palestinians is, when will this all end? And we? We have no answer, only a shrug. MA BAREF.


13:10 Checkpoint 935, Falamie South

The checkpoint is closed and there is not a living thing in the area.  Because people have said that the gate opened at 13:20 the week before, we decided to wait.  After a while a young boy arrived and said that the checkpoint only opens at 14:00.  We decided to give up on the checkpoint and travel to Habla because they close there at 14:15.  There is activity at Habla and many people pass through the checkpoint.


13:15 Checkpoint 1393, Habla

On the road to the entrance of the checkpoint, opposite us, a wagon arrives with 3 shiny plastic chairs and other old junk. The soldiers wouldn’t let the driver through because at the Habla checkpoint it is forbidden to transfer “furniture”.

The checkpoint is open and many people are waiting to enter Habla.  Luckily, plants from the nurseries can be passed through in both directions.


This is certainly the traffic of Ramadan because people return home from work early.  Few leave from Habla.  At about 14:00 the line dissipates and now only a few pass through the checkpoint.  A few cars also arrive and go through in both directions.  At the last minute, more people arrive, running from two directions.  They are allowed to go through and the checkpoint closes at 14:17.