'Anata-Shu'afat, Al-Ezariya, Container (Wadi Nar)

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Rahel W., (reporting) a guest



Rather sparse traffic moved quickly through the checkpoint.A Zaim:  There was an unusually large number of buses waiting at the checkpoint – probably to ferry people coming out of the Palestinian villages on the other side of the wall to Jerusalem for Ramadan.  Most of the people boarding the buses were middle aged women during the time that we were there.
Al Ezariya
Lots of people doing shopping, but less traffic than usual.
En route to Wadi Nar: 
The building in and around what had been a rather large Bedouin encampment goes on with the few remaining Bedouin and their flock being herded into a smaller area.  Have no idea what all the construction is for.  Perhaps after Ramadan, will make contact with our former driver to find out just what is going on.
Wadi Nar: 
Almost empty.  Little traffic in either direction, probably because of Ramadan and the rather warm weather.