Rihan–Barta'a, Tura-Shaked, Mevo Dotan

Chassida S., Idit B. (reporting). Translation Yael S.



Mevoh Dotan- Ya'abed checkpoint

07:00  Three military vehicles park on the road between Amricha and the checkpoint. A soldier wrapped in a prayer shawl prays outside the reinforced vehicle. There is only one soldier at the checkpoint and, for a change, no one tells us to keep our  distance.


Traffic streams along without disturbance.


Rihan – Barta'a checkpoint

07:20  We went down the sleeveinfo-icon to the terminal. Opposite us there is a stream of people who report that passage is without problems.

We greet people with "Ramadan Kareem".

Many taxis wait for those who come out.


Shaked-Tura checkpoint

07:40  Normal traffic of people at the checkpoint.

You'd probably be happy to hear that the waste container at the entrance to the checkpoint has been removed finally, but the entire area remains filthy.