Bethlehem (300)

Hannah Arnon Translation: Naomi Gal

6.45 The human flow passes quietly, but people say that today is not so fine. The lines get longer on our side and the waiting is annoying. Even A. from Vollaga says that todays is “so-so”

7:10 a young man without a permit is sent back. I did not have time to catch his eye and he disappeared and went back with his friend.

 7:15 the flow is slow and there are no more people on the other side, I'm told.

7:20 a family is passing, a man, woman, and their young daughter. It turns out that the husband enters with a work permit, the child does not need a permit and only the woman, who says she wants to go to pray, is forced to go back. She is already on the Israeli side and does not want to go back. She says she's 41 years-old and does not need a permit, but it's only on Fridays. They talk to her with some pressure, then more pressure, and she goes back on her own. Her husband and the girl are walking together to the Promised Land...without the mother.

7:25 I call it a day...