Bethlehem (300), Etzion DCL

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Observers: D.R and Goni R.Z (reportsRonit ) Translation: Naomi Gal

6:30 a normal day in the routine of many workers crossing to their daily job in Israel. It is busier than usual, but, it should be noted that, despite it, the passage is smooth, efficient and the queues are depleted every few minutes in silence and in a satisfactory manner. That was the case throughout the entire shift. Here and there, some guys came up to us and asked for advice and phones numbers for handling their situations.


7:50 Etzion DCL. Already in the parking lot we respond to the applicants who detail their problem and we guide them about the documents required for submitting applications for prevention removal, under what conditions they can apply, appeal, and wait for the right time. We filled out some proxies for Sylvia and an attorney who helps us, since there are still many problems at Etzion DCL and many applications submitted and backed by the required documents are often not handled properly and require an appeal by an official lawyer. In the hall we continued writing applications, explaining and listening to problems. Unlike the routine, we met two people with different life stories than the usual ones here at DCL. One of them, a handsome young man approached us before we left and said he is a family doctor by profession, a Palestinian-Israeli from Eilabun in the Galilee, married to a woman from Beit Sahour and they have 3 children. He came to renew a permit for Family Unification and he is assured that it's just a matter of regular procedure and he will get what he wants. He described a way of life full of achievement, optimism, a sense of belonging and purpose and hope to build a more equitable and progressive society for both peoples. He said this with eyes full of light. That was the glorious “before”. Slightly before the stink bomb released by a narrow-minded Education and Culture Minister. The other man, who was happy to describe his life in bright colors, is G. from Nahalin, 69 years-old and he is here only to accompany his grandson, who does not speak Hebrew and came to issue a magnetic card. A respectable looking man, sympathetic, relaxed and eager to strike up a conversation with Israelis like us, in juicy, fluent Hebrew. Years ago he worked in Israel and loved the contact with the Israelis. Later he became a driving instructor in the Bethlehem area and started a family with his beloved wife (“A queen I tell you! Was a great beauty, but is now fat... after 12 children may they all be healthy”) they used to travel every weekends in Israel and in Palestine and they were happy. Over the years they became well-off, his sons built a garage, a carpentry, and also as an extended family they work their own lands in the village - "I mean, Mbsotin!" (Content) Now he is about to marry off his young son in a successfully arranged marriage, that he, the father, chose for him. The son met his wife one time and agreed, "Because he knows his father knows better." They never got into trouble with the army and the police and the Israelis did not disturb their good life… So where is the catch? -  There is none. Yes, literally, word for word, this, too, exists. Is it luck or someone has his back? We did not dwell upon this mystery...