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Ronny P., Maya L.
Arriving at 5:00, we noted a speedy passage through the turnstiles to the checking-booths and beyond. Then a family with a handicapped babyinfo-icon sleeping in his pram arrived. We attempted to attract the attention of the policeman but it took him some time to fetch the DCO officer and get him to open the 'humanitarian' gate - we had witnessed a similar situation on the previous Thursday, when the pram of a disabled child could not pass through the turnstile and the family waited for over half an hour until someone opened the gate, despite the fact that the policeman had noticed them. We now called the headquarters and a policeman showed up immediately, opened the gate and the family got through. 
Why is it that only 'humanitarian' volunteers realize the urgency of a disabled family to get through quickly on their way to treatment?
Another 'humanitarian' dilemma: A new regulation rules that women over 50 and men over 55 do not require passage permits in order to pass through the CPs - after 8am (after the workmen have already crossed over). The question remains at a CP  which is nearly empty and a few women wish to cross through at 6:30...Will they have the right to cross through?