Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Hanah H. Chassida s. (reporting)


16:00 Tura-Shaked    

Who is responsible for the waste container at the entrance to the checkpoint? And who is responsible for the waiting shed? Those two places are full of filth and dirt.  Who should clean it up?

We arrived at a deserted checkpoint. No one comes or goes.

There is a traffic light on site, yet Palestinians go through only after they get a hand signal from the soldier. The white stripes in the pedestrian crossing on the road have been erased completely.

Two soldiers come up to us, asking who we are and what are we doing here. They are familiar only with the current reality of occupiers and people under occupation "Why are you protecting the Palestinians and not us?. You must be members of Meretz (left-wing)party…. Who would bother  reading what you write?...."

A young student returns home to Um-el-Rihan. He attends the American university in Jenin. Says he is content and plans on continuing his education in the USA.

He is disturbed by the fact that his cousin is not allowed to bring in a large piece of furniture. He can cross but not the furniture.

Another person complains that they don't let him bring in chairs for his home. The female soldier on site had told him that she'd let him do it but by the time he came back with the chairs she was gone.


17:10 Barta'a (Rihan)    

Surprise: People who return home from work in Israel can cross to the West Bank without delays. Those returning from working at the Seam Line zone must undergo inspection.