Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked, Ya'bed-Dotan

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Zafrira Zamir, Neta Golan (reporting). Naomi Gal translating

06:25 'Anin Checkpoint
We are a little ahead of time; the soldier, on the other hand, are 10 minutes late, arriving at 06:40 to open the checkpoint. The checking is conducted in a shed near the gate where we stand. 2 women, around 20 men, a few youngsters and 4 tractors are waiting. The soldiers are waiting  for the computers at Salem DCL to start up
06:55 the first person passes, followed by all the rest, except for one who was sent home. We do not know why. The school year has ended two days ago, so the Bedouin students who live at the foot of the checkpoint did not arrive. 

07:15 Tura Checkpoint - Shaked 
the dumpster is overflowing. 6 cars are waiting on the side of the Seam Zone to cross to the West Bank or for people who are waiting next to the carousel to cross from the West Bank to the Seam Zone. 

07:25one car, shining red, crosses to the West Bank. A disabled man, who has a wheelchair sticker on his car, says that the sticker is not enough, they demand that he bring a medical certificate to the checkpoint. He doesn’t know what they require exactly. We will try and find out. 
07:40 we pass the Barta’a Checkpoint. 7 pickup trucks loaded with goods are entering inspection.


07:50 Ya’bad Checkpoint - Mevo Dotan 
The checkpoint is staffed. Cars are passing in both directions with no inspection.

08:20 Barta’a Checkpoint - Reihan 
About 20 vans and loaded trucks are waiting in the small parking lot designed for them, and also at the entrance to the big parking lot, which is busy. People arrive alone and in small groups and disappear in the terminal. No longer 'hamsa-hamsa' (five at a time), even 20 people enter at once. 
08:50 we leave, heading to a conference at Givat Haviva to draw some hope.