'Anin, Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Ronnie S. and Hanna H. Translation: Naomi Gal


Reihan Checkpoint - 6:00

Many workers are waiting for a ride in the upper parking lot, including many young people. They are going to work in Israel, in the industrial zone near the settlement of Shaked, and in other settlements and in the eastern part of Barta`a el Shareya. The traffic flows and 3 open windows are open at the terminal. The coffee peddler is sitting outside the checkpoint at the Barta’a’s intersection and to our delight he has customers. 

A'anin Checkpoint - 6:35

The checkpoint is open, there are soldiers and a military vehicle on the far side of the checkpoint but the farmers haven’t arrived yet. At06:40 the passage begins, until 06:55. 16 people and five tractors passed. We were told that the delay was due to computer problems.


Shaked Checkpoint - 7:00

The checkpoint is open and running, and DCL representatives are in place. About 50 people go out to the seam zone. There is traffic in both directions. Schools’ summer break at the Palestinian Authority has begun and there are no children at the checkpoint. 
We went back to the Riehan Checkpoint at 07:30 to take a child to a hospital in Haifa, and we saw a lot of commercial vehicles entering the checking facility, among them 4 refrigerating vehicles.