Bethlehem (300)

Clair Oren. Translation: Naomi gal

9:15 to 11:15

4 windows are open. Most of the time it is quite busy. Occasionally the commander of the checkpoint opens the gate between the first two windows and swiftly moves the elderly.

The Ecumenical volunteer and her teammates are leaving after being here for four months. She is preparing a report on this period for a British newspaper. A lot of kids are passing today. Occasionally, the children let their parents wait in line and they pass under the carousel. In one of these times the soldier came out of window 2, scolded the children (albeit without raising his voice, and even with the gentleness of a father, but usually a father doesn’t carry a weapon. The children did not show it, but it must have been quite frightening for them) and instructed them to go back to the queue.

4 people were rejected - 2 prevented 2 without a permit.