Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

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Ruti T., Yochi A. (reporting)


We drove Sara and her father from Rambam hospital to the Jalama checkpoint. The father told us that he had been at the hospital with his daughter since Tuesday. He lives in a village close to Jenin and is having ahard time finding a job.


16:45 Barta'a-Rihan checkpoint

We went down the sleeveinfo-icon to the terminal, together with many workers. The lines by the inspection posts were quite long. Only two machine were operating but generally things went well and passage was quite fast.

One person request our assistance with his brother-in-law, who is unable to get a job in Israel and they don't know the reason for that. We would pass on this information for someone to take care of.


17:15  Tura-Shaked

 Two cars and a tractor are waiting for their owners, who went in for inspection. They get back and cross .


17:20  We left.