Hebron, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills

Yael A., Tzipi (reporting), M.; Translator: Charles K.


We left at 10 AM, so the Meitar crossing after was quiet when we arrived.  The parking lot on the Palestinian side is very full; our side is deserted.  We took Highway 317, the secondary road.  Much activity in the settlements along the road:  construction, expansion, preparing new areas for building.  A new structure has been completed in the Har Hebron-Meitarim regional council near the road and at a distance the land is being leveled.  Also in Susya. A new shed has been built at Giv’at Aviha’il, overlooking the entrance to Kiryat Arba.


Farther on we see that on Ja’abri’s land the Hazon David “synagogue” has been re-erected, the same illegal structure that was demolished by order of the Supreme Court after endless hearings which lasted years.  Last week we saw a small tent had been erected.  This week we saw it had been expanded: the tent encampment had doubled in size.


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The plaza in front of the Cave of the Patriarchs:

We and others on a tour of “Breaking the Silence” have tea and coffee at ‘Abed’s while opposite us three settlers and a video cameraman run around:  They must be making a PR film.

To the left, which belongs to Palestinian Hebron, there’s a row of souvenir shops like ‘Abed’s.  They closed years ago because conditions didn’t allow them to make a living.  We were happy to see them open on our visit, with attractive merchandise.  The young men running them said that because it’s been quiet they were encouraged to try.  They’re having a hard time for now, because the tour guides pass them by.


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Israeli buses in the distance let off soldiers who’ve also come for a tour of the Cave of the Patriarchs…  One more day of occupation…