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Hannah S. and Phyllis W. (reporting)

We arrived at Qalandiya shortly after 3:30 PM.  There were not very many people at the CP, perhaps because of the heavy heat (hamsin).  Three passageways were operating plus another one for the DCL.  The first thing that we noticed was that the candy vendor was not at his usual post.  We went to ask the fellows sitting near the “coffee shop” what had happened and they told us that Suleiman had had a heart attack and been hospitalized, but that he was home now for the past 2 days and all hoped that he would now recover.  We sent regards from us and Natanya and hope to visit him next week.

Meanwhile, we saw that an elderly gentlemen seated in a wheel chair had arrived, pushed by a younger man.  The young man told us that the older one had had an operation on his leg with an implant and that he was now trying to get home to Gaza.  We called headquarters to ask for their help in opening the humanitarian gatesinfo-icon and they promised to be speedy.  It took them 15 minutes in the heavy heat, but in the end a pleasant officer appeared and opened gate after gate until the two men disappeared into the CP.  We didn’t see them again.

There were no further events that afternoon.  The CP performed as usual, there was no crowding and the lines remained short.