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Nurit P, Marsi G , Stav A (a new volunteer),, Nirit H (reporting), the driver, Nadim; Translator: Mike Shalit

Demonstration at Qaddum


Before the start of the demonstration, we met the youth who was shot in the eye a month ago, and was taken to a hospital in Jordan for treatment.


We asked him “How are you ?”in Arabic, and he answered “OK”.  Well, let’s suppose so   . . .the doctors were not able to save his wounded eye, andof course there is nobody to accept responsibility.

This week, about 250 people participated in the demonstration, among them the Palestinian minister of the settlements (Is this really what was meant ?), international volunteers, and a number of Israelis.  Excessive use was made of the polecat spray called “Boash” which spread a nauseous stench everywhere, tear-gas, and the maiden appearance of a new kind of tough blue “Toto” bullets.

 The demonstration ended without any wounded for a change, and at the end there was the expected spectacle : setting rubber tires on fire, which spread black smoke on the settlement opposite the demonstration immediately after the soldiers left the village, apparently to participate in the “Shavouoth” (Feast of weeks) celebrations. . . .