Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Hanah and Yocheved


16:00 Shaked checkpoint is quiet


The waste container is overflowing and there is trash under the benches.

One of those returning reports that at this time whoever did not bring his passage permit, the "Tasreech," can use the magnetic card, especially when the computer is out of order. What would a worker do if he doesn't have the permit with him? Go back home and lose a days' work? And this site is known for its problems; either the computer is down or the keys for the gatesinfo-icon were left behind, or they are late in opening the gates, and the children are late for school. But the Palestinians' time is of no importance……


16:45 Rihan checkpoint

There is a stream of people returning from work.

It seems that there are more people going through this site.

Only one of the 4 tracking machines is operable for those working at the Seam line zone and many go through it.