Rachel A., Dina A. (reporting), Maya BH (translation)

The gatesinfo-icon were opened and closed on schedule (opening hours are 13:15 - 14:15).  There was little traffic, and passage was swift.  It is extrememly hot, and the soldiers, carrying their heavy equipment, also suffer.  Each side played their roles as expected.  Still, the routine is that some endure impeded freedom of movement:  Some can pass, some not, opening hours are unsuitable, etc. The daily injustice of the occupation is on display.  And the young soldiers, given control over the "others" and their lives -- what values will they be taking back to civilian life?

Habla CP
13:10  7 people wait in the shed outside, to cross back into Habla.  With them is a tractor and a horse and cart.

13:17  The soldiers open the gate.  The 5 people on the other side advance towards the inspection booth.

13:20  There are already 15 people on the Habla side.  The firstcomers exit at 13:25.
Besides pedestrains, trucks loaded with plants cross, and the occasional horse and cart.

13:40  No more queues on either side.  Occasionally people arrive and are immediately checked.

14:13  The soldiers begin to close down the CP, and we leave.