'Anata-Shu'afat, Al-Ezariya, Container (Wadi Nar)

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Julia W., Rahel W. (reporting)
As usual was filled with youngsters returning from school.  No delays in the crossing from either direction.
AL Ezariya 
There was a military vehicle posted at the entrance to Al Ezariya and two vans were stopped, checked and allowed on their way.  By the time we returned, about an hour later, the military vehicle was gone.
Few people out in the very hot weather.
En route to Wadi Nar: 
Clearing of the area which once was home to the Bedouins continues apace.  Land is clearly being readied for a major building project.  The small area where the remaining Bedouin are gets smaller from week to week.  
Wadi Nar: 
Very few vehicles and no work people around.  The few vehicles that were there went through in both directions.  The entire area now has much more or a feeling of permanence.