Hamra (Beqaot), Tayasir

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Revital Sela, Rachela Hayut (reporting, photos) Translation: Bracha Ben-Avraham

12:55 – 15:00

We crossed the Bezek Checkpoint at 12:55.

It is extremely hot throughout the country, particularly in the Jordan Valley.  The thermometer on the car reads 44 degrees (104 Fahrenheit).  Cows are grazing in the fields.    Small planes or perhaps drones fly in the sky above and cast their shadows on the dry hills.


13:15 – Tayasir Checkpoint (photo was taken for the first time from West to east)

The checkpoint is not manned.  A military vehicle drives towards us from the area of the watchtower.  We continued westward across the checkpoint. 

Soldiers have erected a black sunshade on the southern hillside.  A white tender is parked by the side of the road that delivered food to the soldiers.  We decided not to visit Tayasir.   When we returned eastward to the checkpoint we met a reservist who explained that the checkpoint was operating but opened when it was necessary.


The Alon Route (route 578)

Smoke is rising very high.  Next to the battery is a divider and we find it irritating to see the settlers' vineyards with their bright green vegetation.
13:50 – Hamra Checkpoint


A group of young people are sitting under the awning.  Their car has broken down and they are waiting.  The northern lane to the checkpoint is closed, and people coming from the north hare having a problem approaching the checkpoint.  There is a lineup of cars on the roads approaching the checkpoint but when they get there they are not delayed and pass through relatively quickly.   On the eastern route there are signs that read "No Entry".  Vehicles drive through with workers, as well as trucks, cars, ambulances, a tractor, and busses.   There are 15 barrels filled with concrete along the northern side of the fence.

A reservist from the armored corps offers water.  He asks that we tell the Palestinians waiting under the awning to come and have some cold water as well.  He explained that the lane had been closed because of orders from above, and insisted on this even when we hinted that they might have inherited those orders from the previous brigade.   From Hamra Checkpoint we cannot see the heavy smoke that we saw to the north of the checkpoint.  We left at 14:25.

14:35 – Khalat Makhol

A.'s wife H. is still in Tubas.  Last Friday she gave birth to a son.  

Smoke is rising from several different places and there are still planes flying above.

At 15:00 we were asked the usual questions and crossed the Bezek Checkpoint.