Etzion DCL

Shlomit S. Yael S. – reporting Translation: Naomi Gal

We arrived at half past ten.

There were more than 5 people waiting for GSS officer.

One, who was waiting for a magnetic card was accompanied by a relative, so the situation was relatively reasonable.

In a conversation through the intercom with the woman-soldier at the window we received the following report:

Those summoned by GSS are called one by one, the policeman will not be here today, and whoever is here for permits and magnetic cards would get them.

And then the system collapsed and no magnetic cards were issued.

Three people came out without magnetic cards, including a woman seven months pregnant - and if we come on Sunday would I get the magnetic card? It is hard for me to come here with a seventh month belly....

Today we heard a new expression “investigation prevented” or “investigation detained”. For Joseph this remark was recorded on the computer and it caused the soldiers at passage 300 (Rachel) to send him back despite his work permit. It turned out that this remark does not prevent passage. Joseph arrived at passage 300 at noon, they did not let him pass, that was taken care of and he passed. Why should the soldiers at the passage understand that this remark does not prevent passage? And anyway what does it mean prevented, or investigation prevented?

Most of those summoned by GSS came out with new invitations to investigations… Among them was a young man certifiably insane accompanied by a relative. He is summoned for the second time today and received a note to come on Sunday. His details were transferred to Beit El command – Inshallah (God willing) they would stop bothering him.

We referred several people to Silvia; among them was a man who had a permit for 18 years. The permit was taken away from him because they found out that he wasn’t working for the employer who gave him the permit... because a work permit, as we know, enables a Palestinian to work for a particular employer and does not give him the freedom of choice.