Bethlehem (300)

Clair Oren Translation: Naomi Gal

9:00 to 11:10

For most of the shift 3 windows are operating. A pressure is created occasionally and they open another window or two, but only for a few minutes and then they close again because the computer is not working or the soldier has to go on a tour. One of the woman-soldiers enjoys shouting “Maftoch” (open) here and “Maftoch” there and direct the traffic but it's pretty ridiculous and useless.

Some adults were rejected after their IDs were checked and they were ordered to wait for long minutes until it was established that they are prevented.

Today there was a particularly careful examination of the biological pertinence of children to those claiming to be their parents. One of the soldiers, at window 2, who worked throughout the whole shift, was particularly unpleasant, raised her voice, demonstrating a lack of respect, shouted at people even when it was clear that they did not understand her instructions. When she decided to let people pass, it was with a small indifferent gesture of her hand. It’s clear to me that from her point of view she had saved the homeland at least 5 times today. She was very demanding when it came to the children. Lucky the security-guard decided to try and help the Palestinians who did not know how to prove that they are really the parents of the children who came with them. In three cases he used the police computer to verify the matter and ensure the soldier that she could let these people pass!