Jericho DCL 06/5/2015

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Hannah B”arg, Translation: Naomi Gal


I arrived at Jericho at 10:30. At the parking lot there were about ten cars and Palestinians were huddled alongside the cars. Since I was in a hurry to get to the hospital, I passed without stopping. An hour later I returned and stopped. At the parking lot there were still ten youngsters, and it seemed as if they were walking around without a purpose - something that appeared like passing the time. Once again I aroused curiosity, people came over and shared their problems and I collected ID numbers in order to find out what’s going on. While attempting to find out why they come to Jericho DCL when Jericho is not their home address it turned out that some of them work in the area, others live in the city but did not change their address, and so on. There were no complaints about unnecessary waiting.

DCL has an air-conditioned waiting room with everything we know from Etzion DCL. Monitor with explanations in Arabic, of course, a machine for issuing numbers and so on. About fifty people are served here every day. Working days are the same as in the other DCLs, Sunday from noon, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday till noon.  Everything runs smoothly. It does not look as if it is the "center of the world." Still it’s worth visiting from time to time and handing out some phone numbers. As we know occupation is abusive everywhere - even in the terrible heat of the lowest place on earth.