Barta'a-Reihan, Tura-Shaked

Yocheved G. Ruti T. (reporting), with the assistance of our driver, Hurie

15:25 – 17:00


15:25 Tura-Shaked checkpoint  

Outstanding heat - 30 degrees C.  A few cars cross the checkpoint. Three cheerful youngsters arrive from the West bank. A car is waiting for them. The driver was wounded at work in Tiberius and needs surgery. He is treats at the Sheba hospital and every ride costs him hundreds of NIS, which he doesn't have. We were pleased to inform him, with the aid of Hurie, about the not-for-profit organization "the Way to Recovery," and gave him their telephone number. He makes a living by driving people to Um-el-Rihan.


16:06  Barta'a –Rihan checkpoint

Today we are greated by all as "Haja," an honorary title for an elderly woman who has ferformed the commandment of pilgrimage to Mecca, or just as a title in itself.

Many workers go down the sleeveinfo-icon that leads to the terminal. Most of them work in Israel, in Tel Aviv and Binyamina, and they cross swiftly. For those returning from their daily work at the Seam Line zone, there are two inspection posts (on Saturdays there are two more).


At 16:30 we are told that only one post is active. Occasionally long lines are formed. The guard on the bridge overlooking the inspection process claims that all posts are operational. Someone must be activating them remotely and we do see that traffic is faster.


Well-dressed women college students return home from the West Bank with their suitcases,as well as a family with small children. An older woman, escorted by three young women, seems happy to see us and brags with her good-looking daughters.