Bethlehem (300), Etzion DCL

Hannah A. Sylvia D. Goni Z. (Reporting),Translation: Naomi Gal

Bethlehem Checkpoint 06.30

Very few people, in the exit hall only 4 windows are open. We can’t remember such a quiet morning. Perhaps the reason is the Mimouna Holiday today, following Passover when many working places operate only part time, or the rain, not many are leaving today to work in Israel. The flow of people passing is particularly weak and we did not notice any exceptional problems in the routine passage from there to here; all the above, of course, under the permanent depressing backdrop of the checkpoint, and the exhausting bureaucracy of occupation. 
At 07:30, we headed to DCL.

07.50 Etzion DCL 
07:50 Here too today is different from the usual. Only a few cars are parked in the parking lot and only a few come up to us in the car. When the hall doors open we enter and begin to assist whoever wants to share their problems with us. Most problems are routine and require an explanation of the application process to lift the restriction  to  enter Israel. Some applications require the intervention of a lawyer, since the usual ways yielded no response. We collect signatures on powers of attorney for Sylvia and the attorney who helps us, so that they can handle the various matters. Nearly two hours go by and on our way out "nature calls" but unfortunately the bathrooms are locked. For us this is reason enough to visit the synagogue of the nearby settlement. Satisfied and greatly relieved we left on our way back through the overwhelming spring rain.