Sansana (Meitar Crossing), South Hebron Hills

Michal T.; Translator: Charles K.

The manager of the Meitar checkpoint told me, of course, there’s a closureinfo-icon Wednesday and Thursday.  People return to work Friday.


We drove to the school in a-Tuwani to obtain the lists of participants in the beach days in order to send them to Rachel Ofek.  They’re very glad, and anticipating the trip.

Then we met Hayfeh, a true leader in Zif and the surrounding area.  She has a hand in everything.  She established the kindergarten there.  She also has fond memories of the beach day and hopes again to be able to send mothers and children on such an enjoyable outing.


The rubble from the demolition in Dir’at is still there.  People are keeping watch, living in a tent they received from UNRWA.


The new neighborhood and infrastructure in Ma’on are visible from afar.  It seems as if it continues to expand.  It also looks like trailers have been added to Mitzpe Aviga’il.


The area is quiet and we saw almost no military on Highways 317 and 356.