Ras Abu Sbitan (Olive Terminal)

Rahel M., Avital T., Michaela R. (reporting)


Ras Abu Sabitan (Olive Terminal)

A gloomy wintry day -- pouring rain, with thunder and lightning -- met us and other early risers on this spring morning.  Puddles coerced all arrivals to splash their way to the outer turnstile.

At 6:40 only two inspection stands were open, and lines were accordingly long.  Children tried to cross without standing in line because their lane was closed.  Waiting time at the magnometer was about 8-10 minutes.

At 7:00 the third stand was opened and the few remaining children went to it.  But immediately (as a result of thunder and lightning), there was a power cut, and there were more later on. Each meant another delay before  inspections were renewed.  Crossing time: 15-20 minutes.