Rony Hammermann, Vivi Suri, Tamar Fleishman; Translator: Charles K.

“The reason the territories aren’t closed during the holdiay is because of money.  Because if they let us (the Palestinians) go through, they (Israelis) make a lot more money.  If each person working buys only one bottle of water that’s already a lot of money,” said Abu-Ahmad.


Abu-Ahmad’s correct, it’s all money, but not the price of a bottle of water, which the Palestinians buy for one shekel from Abu-Suleiman’s cart at the checkpoint entrance.


The big money is why there’s no closureinfo-icon.  It’s the exploitation and the low pay and the lack of benefits and poor conditions of employment for Palestinians working in Israeli enterprises in the Atarot industrial zone and the other industrial zones which is why the territories aren’t closed.














The kidnapped person who turned out not to have been kidnapped and the army’s deeds in Halhul were on everyone’s lips today.


“Now he’s in the Moskovia [the jail in Jerusalem’s Russian Compound].  He’ll be imprisoned for fifteen years,” one youth is certain, analyzing the incident on the basis of criteria Palestinians are familiar with.