Hebron, Sansana (Meitar Crossing), Susiya

Raya, Nina, Hagit S.S (reporting); Translator: Charles K.

Today we drove south, and after being stuck in a huge traffic jam because of an accident we entered through the Meitar crossing.

On the way, after M. checked by phone, we learned it wasn’t necessary to meet with Taysir in A-Tuwani because he has the same lists we do (of beach days) and he’ll update them for next Tuesday.  So we drove to Susya.  We joined a meeting with village women in the “office” of the Australian deputy ambassador in Ramallah and his staff.  There’s an excellent translator (a Palestinian activist).  They have a project to assist women.  They ask how they can help and the women raise various issues, in particular regarding education and health.  For example, they want to expand the years of schooling from five to seven, medical services are insufficient (a doctor comes for only half a day each week).  There is no blood pressure examination, burn treatment, etc.

They donated tents; the Italians and the European Union also help.


We spoke with Nasser about the court case where they’ll argue against the plan to move them to the outskirts of Yatta “out of concern for their welfare, because there’s infrastructure.”  We also talked about the election results…


Many children returning from school on the sides of the road between Carmel and Zif.


In Hebron we learned that Issa Amru also has last year’s list of beach days and he’ll update it.  We coordinated with Rachel Ofek by phone.


‘Abed always has guests, some photographers from Belgium and Germany, and Yehuda from Breaking the Silence preparing for a tour with an Italian group.