Virginia S., Ina P. (reporting); Translator: Ayala S.

A relatively easy morning at the Qalandiya CP 

The people arriving at the CP could easily pass through one of the pens at 5:00. However, 10 minutes later, the girl-soldier in charge of the turnstiles brought them to a standstill, and immediately the lines extended at the entrance to the pens. Then she opened only one or two turnstiles at a time, apparently in a provocative way. This was going on until 5:30, when a policeman arrived and saw to it that all three turnstiles were opened at a time whenever necessary.

The DCO soldier arrived at 6:00, opened the 'humanitarian' gate, and did so again whenever required. He  was complimented by the Palestinians  for his efficient and humanitarian approach, and really deserves praise for his efforts for the benefit of the people passing through here.

We had the impression that the flow was easier than usual on Tuesdays and indeed, by 6:30 the pens were empty and we left.