'Azzun 'Atma, 'Isla, Habla

Nurith P., Hadas K., Harriet L., Lenny W. (a new member), Dvorka A., (reporting). In a private car.


‘Azzun ‘Atma, Habla, Issla



Both gatesinfo-icon were opened with a delay. They were activated by the same crew that had overseen the passage of the workmen through the  ‘Azzun ‘Atma gate, and had arrived from there to Habla.


At Issla we visited our friend N. who suggested we renew the activities with the women in a short time, nearer summer.


06.00   ‘Azzun ‘Atma  We arrived at the new gate near Oranit. The army and the military police were already present, but they only opened the enormous  gate  only at 06.10.


Beyond the wall there were about 70 Palestinians waiting for the gate to be opened.


We got the impression that passage  was allowed to agricultural workers and not only to owners of land bordering on Oranit.


Checking was performed by the Military Police, without instruments but the papers were all meticulously and rather slowly checked, by a man soldier and a woman soldier separately.


The soldiers guarding on the side were very polite and were willing to talk to us. Reserve Army? Again we weren't able to find out at what time exactly the gate was due to be opened at noon (12:00?, 12:30?) and in the afternoon (at 16:00 or later).


07.00 Habla Gate. When we arrived about 80 workmen were already waiting on the exit side from Habla and a few on the Plant Nurseries side, but the CP was shut and there was no sign of the army.


At 07.20 only the same crews which we had met at ‘Azzun ‘Atma arrived and began checking rather slowly. Not all the workmen passed through the (בולם??????). There were those who were checked on the Palestinian side.


At 07:30 the two minibuses which transport the children to school passed, and we didn't see them return.  A. said that they must have returned by way of the Eliyahu Gate in order to shorten the arrival time. To us the minibus  did not seem to succeed in bringing the children to school on time.


We heard that in the last weeks since the unit, which was responsible for the passage, had changed, the promised time-table was not observed.


In addition to pedestrians about 15 cars passed, as well as some bicycle riders and also a flock of sheep.


One of the Palestinians waited with us, expecting his father who was due at the same place by way of the Habla gate. He himself arrived here by way of the Eyal gate. All this is due to the well known procedure according to which only an adult is allowed to pass by this gate to reach his lands, but not the young family members.


On the side of the road we saw the green pipes which are to be joined to the pump, and which were given as a donation for this purpose.


08:45 Issla.We went to say hello to our friend N. and to bring her sacks with clothes and other items. N. is the coordinator of our activities program with the children and the women. She suggested we continue the meetings with the groups of women when the weather becomes warmer; nearer summer.