'Anata-Shu'afat, Container (Wadi Nar)

Dafna S., Anat T. (reporting and filming)
Spring break on the threshold (and already begun in the girls' schools). But the Holiday of Freedom is not on the horizon in East Jerusalem.
7:15 Shuafat Camp
Michaela has reported on the relocation of the children's transportation exit, from the inner lot to the roundabout outside the checkpoint. This is a temporary arrangement, until the inner lot is extended. In the meantime pupils of all ages cross without inspection -- members of the residents' committee check that they are all pupils (by means of a short question or through personal acquaintance), and then the childrn continue on a path to the roundabout without further inspection. In two days the boys' schools will also be on vacation.
Members in the residents'committee tell of some even-handed reportage about the camp (on channel 2, and another, by Moody Bar-on in preparation), but also some unfair and slanted (channel 10, for instance).  They say they have not given up the legal struggle against the garbage dump approved by the Jerusalem Municipality under their noses (in every sense).  They too feel that the election results leave little hope, yet they maintain a measure of optimism, and trust in the principle of non-violence.
8:30 Wadi Nar
A mammoth traffic jam from Ma'aleh Adumim to the Az-Za'ayyem checkpoint.  Work on upgrading the checkpoint in Wadi Nar has been completed, and it consists of fences, roofs above the checking points, and more gatesinfo-icon to enable the isolation of the checkpoint from the surroundings. When we approach, the soldiers rush up to us and they scrutinise the document from the army spokesman which allows the presence of civil rights organisations at the checkpoints.  They ask for a copy, to check.  There are no checks or delays.  The dogs bark, as usual, perhaps giving the soldiers a sense of safety.
We return via Suwahara Al Sharkiah, which looks peaceful and relatively well kempt. No doubt Al Ezariya appears commercially active since she belongs to Area B under administration of the Palestinian Authority.