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Nirit H., Nurit P. (reporting). Natanya translating


We arrived at the village before the procession of about 200 people from the village. The Palestinian media accompanied them and set off on the way. An ambulance waited next to the mosque to treat 


anyone injured.   In a few minutes 2 people were transferred to it.

The soldiers were stationed inside the village on the nearby hills and did not waste time. The skunk truck was used immediately spread the known and disgusting smell.  Afterwards a large amount of rubber bullets and shock grenades were thrown and also tear gas but not so many because the wind was against the soldiers.


The demonstrations in the last months have become very violent. Last week about 50 demonstrators had to be treated for the affects of the gas.

At all the demonstrations there are those who are wounded by firing but obstinately do not fall to the ground  opposite the eyes of the soldiers. During the last month there have been no night visits or arrests. It seems that the more violent the soldiers become the more the villagers continue their  struggled.

M. was interviewed by the media. Afterwards he says that in his opinion the understandings that were reached about the opening of fire a few months ago have been cancelled by the new commander of the area, a settler with a kippa, who has been dealing with them with a heavy hand so as to impress those above him and the politicians. We spoke to him and to S. about the coming elections and said that we did not think that Bibi would not be elected and that Lieberman scaled down to size and maybe disappear. A huge smile appeared in their faces.

Not long ago I have heard that M. was shot in the neck and was taken to a hospital.


Update to 14.3 m.  M. is feeling relatively better and was freed today from hospital. The shot that was fired at him did not do real damage.

The worrying thing is that the army knows that M. is the leader of the demonstration and the sniper aimed his rifle at the top area of his body/head instead of at his legs as has usually been done.