Chana S., Neta E. (reporting); Translator: Ayala S.
The good Tidings of Qalandiya: The toilets are finally open, at the service of the needy...

6:00: A large silent crowd extends as far as the middle of the parking lot, awaiting passage through the PC. The lines are tidy, obedient, and even smiling, and the three turnstiles are operating, as the crowd dutifully lines up in front of the entrance into the paradise of making a living... Observing these long lines, I panic with worry - will they make it on time to their jobs?...

The police guards (two), the military (matak) and the civilian guards -  all seem completely unconcerned, in the midst of discussing their daily doings... in sharp contrast to the thousands of Palestinians, equipped with their food bags, awaiting the right to cross over to their daily jobs.

The 'humanitarian' gate opens up too rarely and the lines there swell up - until the 'key-bearers' decide to open up the gate, slowly enough. Why can't these be open all the time? the usual reply is: "don't ask questions: 'that's why'".

7:15: Nearly all have passed through and the line dwindled down to the pen area, and the 'humanitarian' candidates are directed to the normal lines. We followed them, through the checkup, and returned to the Jerusalem side (25 minutes).

As in the past years of observing this CP, I am filled with shame at the Qalandiya CP.